Wednesday, November 21, 2012

No sew tutu skirt/fairy skirt

I have been asking mommy for dancing clothes every time I change my clothes. Now, I decided what to wear and like to wear skirts that can swing when I twirl around.

So, mommy came up an idea to make a tutu skirt. She surfed the internet and found this "no sew tutu instruction". It is super easy to make. Wait no more, mommy immdiately went to the nearest textile shop to buy the material for me. Unfortunately, they did not have the so called "tulle" material. However, mommy found the organza material. She bought 4 meter and tried it out. She uses rubber waistband for this skirt.

Within a night, she completed my first so called "tutu skirt". It looks more like a fairy skirt more than a tutu skirt.

I like it very much but the only problem is I find it very itchy after wearing it for some time..

Mommy was not happy with the result...after a week, she went to a florist to buy this netting material and thought can make the skirt "stand", so it will look more like a tutu. This is the result.

Well, it turned out about the same..but this is more itchy than the previous. Mommy uses ribbon this time. Guess I have to wear a pants inside, so that I don't feel the skirt "poking" me...hehehe... I look like a princess??

Anyone know where to get the "tulle" material???Mommy wanted to make a better one for me.

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Anonymous said...

try arab street! there's a chinese shop selling it, also chinatown. the food centre on the 2nd level, there are 2 shops selling tulle, softer material at $6 per yard! hth!