Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tot school: 13/09/2012 (Thursday)

Oppss..I missed out this tot school day.. this is like a school day 2 months ago.

Mommy didn't plan to do specific school with me today but after I took out this book, she started doing school with me. We started out this page about "What can I do?" So, mommy started to get me doing all these...

cleaning the table
keeping the toys

set the table

sweep the floor
I enjoy doing housework. Do you?

Then, we proceeded to the next page...what colour of tie is the daddy bear wearing...

We also did some facial expression...happy and sad...

Then, we sang some songs, read some stories from the book..and did some finger actions but no photos here because we were enjoying ourselves and didn't want to be interrupted.

Then, mommy took out some straws and let me did some colour matching.

Later, I inserted the straw in a paper holder.

After I get bored of it, mommy took out "chop chop" for me to chop on the paper.

Before we ends the school, mommy took out the memory game for me to practise my memory.

This kind of school is more relaxing for mommy. No preparation required. Just nice for lazy mommy.

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