Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tot School: 11/10/2012 (Thursday)

It was a long time since I posted the tot school activities. We have slowed down a bit on the montessori PLS part but still continue schooling through learning toys. Today is the day we played a bit and learn something new..

Mommy took out the balancing crocodile for me to test my balancing skill. It is not that difficult but the moment your hand touches the rest of the blocks, the whole thing will fall down. Then we have to start all over again..

I need to focus and concentrate and do it SLOWLY. Mommy helped a bit and get me going...if not, I will get cheeky and once it dropped, I will just "sweep" everything down with my hands...

Later, mommy get me to arrange the blocks from big to small, with the same colours. Here I learn the words - big, medium and small. Putting it up on top of another block also not easy. It needs good control..

Later, I am getting cheeky and use my toes to grasp the balancing balls.

Since I am doing the sequencing (from big to small with the same colours), mommy took out this for me to continue learning sequencing.

I can get the size correctly but all the while I don't bother about the colours. Today, mommy insisted that I must get the same colour in the same column too.

Then, we did some puzzles...

The body parts puzzle

and the giant alphabets puzzle..

I need help from mommy on this..

This ends our school today as kor kor is home now.