Friday, November 30, 2012

Weaned off pacifier...

Yes...@ 2 years 8 months ++, finally mommy weanned me off from pacifier. Mommy has this plan for a long time but she felt that this is the hardest to do. She was not ready. She tried a while but finally gave in to me. Part of the reasons is I was easier to take care with pacifier around, especially in the car. With the pacifier in my mouth, I can sit still and keep quiet throughout the journey. She knows I will be more restless if I don't have the pacifier.

Somehow, during our Singapore trip, I was down with food poisoning. Mommy sent me to see doctor and doctor commented that I should not be sucking my pacifier anymore. However, I was not feeling well that time and mommy felt that it was quite "cruel" to let part with my favourite at this time. So she let me continue having it until I have recovered.

So, after we came back from Singapore, the following week, mommy told me that I am a big girl already. Since I also told mommy I wanted to go to kor kor's Bau Bei school, mommy said I cannot suck my pacifier anymore. Later, she told me if I can sleep without my pacifier, she will buy me a purple Barney. She told me Barney doesn't like children who suck pacifier and also Barney only like big children, not small children.

Because of Barney, I managed to sleep without pacifier.. 1 day, 2 days, 3 days..finally I didn't suck my pacifier since then. Every night when I sleep, I will remind mommy, "Bel bel don't eat paci already, mommy buy purple barney for bel bel, ok?"

It took mommy 2 weeks before she get me a purple singing Barney. Until today, I still mentioned.."Bel bel good girl, mommy buy bel bel purple barney, ok?"

The only problem is without pacifier, I get very restless in the car. I also throw more tantrums in the car. Also, at night sometimes I want to suck, I will tell mommy I want milk milk but in fact, I just want to suck..sometimes I asked for milk milk water..meaning sucking water from the milk bottle. It actually took me longer to adjust to days without pacifier as compared to kor kor but it wasn't too hard as expected by mommy. Maybe because I can understand better now, so I know what mommy means.

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