Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Expressed Breast Milk

I am luckier than kor kor. Why? Because mommy managed to provide me her breastmilk this time while she failed to provide for kor kor the last time.

Since mommy did not have milk during the first few days, doctor advised mommy to give me some formula milk because I cannot go on hunger due to mommy's gestational diebetic during her pregnancy. But mommy will breastfeed me every time before topping up with formula.

During the first month, mommy was still doing the same thing - breastfeed me first and top up with formula. However, I was on formula at night. She started punping out milk too for me. That time, she only has around 15 to 30ml of milk. Slowly her milk increases. I'm also taking more and more of mommy's breastmilk. Towards the 3rd and 4th week, I am on 50% formula and 50% breastmilk.

When the confinement nanny left, mommy breastfeed me direct during the day and sometimes at night. I was not much on formula. But due to my colic and difficulty, I cried always. Mommy couldn't figure why I cry, so every time when I cried, she put me on her breast. During that week, I was on mommy's breast most of the time. This makes mommy more tiring.

I have a problem, which I cannot empty mommy's breast. I always fall asleep half way and requested for milk again. Sometimes I can sleep and sleep for 3-4 hrs without milk. When I latched on too frequent, mommy's nipple is pain and she is tiring. When I sleep too long (usually during the day), mommy is worry I didn't have enough milk.

Anyway, in order to make it easier for mommy to take care of me, many suggested mommy to pump feed. Initially mommy did not like the idea but later when the temp nanny arrives, she slowly adjusted to this routine.

She find that pump feed suits her lifestyle. Firstly, I established my rotuine back with pump feed. I was fed every 3 hrs. In between if I cry, mommy knows that I am not crying for milk. I also cry lesser as I was fed enough. When I need to suck, mommy gives me pacifier. So, I don't depend on mommy's breast for comfort although I still prefer the breast than pacifier. Mommy also later has her own body back. At least she is wearing her bra and she can dress in her pre-pregnancy t-shirt. While she breastfed me during the 1 week, she was wearing her front button PJ whole day WITHOUT BRA. Lastly, she knows how much she is producing and how much I am taking in a day. This provide her more satisfaction as she always wonder how much I have taken in when she direct breastfeed.

So, she punmp feed until today. Although her wish is to provide me breast milk fully, she has tried her best and this is what work best for both of us. I am still on 50% breast milk but sooner it will be reducing because mommy can forsee I need more milk each feed and her milk supply is stagnant at this stage.

My milk intake was 3oz from first month till end of 2nd month. She has just started increased my breast milk intake from 3oz to 3.5 oz last week but formula still maintain at 3 oz. I need around 7-8 feedings per day, with 3-4 breastmilk during the day and formula at night. Mommy can yield around 9.5 to 12 oz of milk a day. Somehow she feels that her milk supply is like dropping soon.

Mommy is taking Milk Tea, chinese herbal soup and protein drink to increase her breastmilk. She wanted to provide me at least for 3 months and as long as she can after that.

My freshly expressed BM

My stock in the fridge.


Yeapies said...

well done mummy! Don't let this be a blockage to enjoy your precious moments with little princess. Just remember you have done really well and deserves a pat at the back... or a hug?! :)

prince n princess mum said...

Well done!

I bf my son for 4 months and daughter's 6 months now and still got milk to feed her... feels very happy!