Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Stuffy nose

@ 2 mths 3 weeks and 6 days old.

I have stuffy nose. It started when I was few weeks old when kor kor passed the virus to me. I was having mild flu. Doctor asked mommy to use the Sterimar nasal spray to clear my blocked nose.

Even after I've recovered from my flu, I still have blocked and stuffy nose on and off. It happened mostly when I am in air-conditioned room. That's why mommy always put me under the fan during the day and only night time, I sleep in the air-cond room. So, my nose will get blocked mostly night time.

I have a lot of shits in my nose. So, mommy need to always spray the nasal spray to remove the shit for me. I hate it as I don't like the feeling of water going into my nose. I'll struggle and cry. Every time mommy hears my breathing sound and see my breathing harder, she is getting worried as she does not like to use the nasal spray too.

When I am having stuffy nose, I cannot sleep well, I cannot drink well. I'll make noise and mommy has to put up a struggle with me to spray my nose. It'll get better after that.

My nose was better last few weeks but lately it started again since 3 days ago. This few nights, I could not sleep well and mommy has to spray my nose middle of the night.

Mommy think I am having a sensitive nose. That's why she purposely put up a ceiling fan for me in the room. So, I don't always need to be in an air-conditioned room.

The new ceiling fan in my room. I like to look at it as it is so colourful.

Hope my nose will get better as I grow older. We just hate the nasal spray.


Alice Law said...

Oh yes, you will probably feel better when you are about 4 months old! When your antibody started to build up!;)

p/s: Beautiful ceiling fan!

prince n princess mum said...

I like your colourful fan!