Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My first shopping trip

@3 mths 2 weeks 2 days old.

My first shopping trip - 24 June 2010
Mommy brought me out for shopping for the first time last Thursday. Daddy wanted to go for a hair cut and mommy thought can bring me along coz it was a short trip and it won't be many people as it was a weekday night.

After dinner, we left the house around 8.15pm to Aeon, Bukit Tinggi. Mommy put me in the car seat and I was a bit stunned. I dare not move and I didn't smile too. Everywhere is so dark. I am a bit afraid honestly.

When we reached there, mommy said want to put me in the stroller but I heard korkor said he wanted to push the stroller. Daddy and mommy did not allow and korkor started crying pityfully. Finally korkor win and he pushed the stroller and mommy carried me to Jusco, while daddy went for haircut.

I was so afraid in the shopping centre. The place is so bright and got so many things hanging around. I dare not smile nor move. I kept looking around. The surrounding is so new to me. Although I am sleepy, I dare not sleep too. I am hiding inside mommy's arm until I finally dozed off.

Suddenly I felt someone moved me. Mommy tried putting me into the stroller but I was woke up by mommy's action. She was trying to find the buckle. I was afraid and I started crying. Mommy tried to push me around...how come the thing called stroller can move?? I was stunned again. I tried to control my fear but I am really afraid and I finally cried out. The more mommy push the stroller, the more I cry. I wanted to be carried. Finally mommy carried me. Korkor got the stroller now. He is sitting inside.

Heard mommy said that last time korkor was not afraid sitting in the stroller. He was much better than me. I am more timid. Mommy told daddy to bring me out more frequent, so I won't act like a kampung girl next time. sob...sob....

My 2nd shopping trip - 26 June 2010
No home cook dinner tonight. Daddy asked mommy where to go after office and mommy suggested Empire Shopping Centre because she wanted to go to Toys R Us to change my lullaby musical toy.

Yes..I am going out again...

We left the house earlier. The sky was still bright and I was not so afraid anymore though I was still looking around. As long I can see mommy's face, I am ok.

Where are you all bringing me?

After reaching the place, daddy suggested to attach the car seat into the stroller since I am ok with car seat. I don't know what they do, daddy was pushing me in the car seat. I am not that afraid anymore. I feel more secure in the car seat than the stroller. Korkor also surprisingly good, never demand to push the stroller too.

The shopping place is so noisy.

Mommy pushed me around and I can feel the cool air around. There are many people too. I can see mommy too (rear facing). I kept looking around. Slowly..slowly....I feel so sleepy and comfortable, I fell asleep. They all have dinner while I was sleeping. When I woke up, I was afraid. I started crying again. Daddy thought I am hungry and make milk for me but actually I wasn't. I was just afraid. Daddy forced me to drink the milk by carrying me walking around. I finally manage to finish 3/4 of the milk but when daddy burped me, I vomited out a lot of milk. Then, they put me on the car seat again and push me around. We left not long after that.

The next day, we went out for dinner with Aunty May family. I was not afraid sitting in the car seat anymore. I am also not afraid being in the stroller coz daddy carried the whole car seat out and attached it to the stroller.

At the dinner place, I didn't smile coz I was busy sucking my hands and fingers. I didn't looked so "sampa" anymore. When I am sleepy, mommy pushed me a little and I fell asleep and mommy get to enjoy her dinner.


prince n princess mum said...

Enjoy shopping?

Yeapies said...

Mine were opposite of each other. Zoey was very good with the carseat but hates the stroller. JoJo in opp, good with the stroller but hates the carseat. So now I could only go out when hubby is ard or I had to "abandon" her at home with a-ma else I can't drive. @_@