Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cloth Diaper

@ 2 mths and 2 weeks old

I have very bad diaper rash. It started on my 2nd month. I was on full disposable diaper during my first month. Maybe this has triggered the rashes. On 2nd month, mommy decided to put me on "lampin" (normal white colour cloth diaper) during the day and disposable at night. It gets better for a few days and it comes back again. So. it comes and goes, never recover fully. Maybe I have sensitive skin, cannot use any disposable.

My nap always get interrupted when the lampin is wet. Mommy heard a lot about the modern cloth diaper. So, she bought one and try it out. But, one is not enough. You use it one day, wash the next day and only can use again the following day. So, after many research on the internet, mommy decided to buy another 3 more for me to try. It's not cheap. If it is good, mommy wanted to use it at night too.

So far mommy has not tried me on night time since we still have a few packets of S size MP. Wait till I finished first, then only we will try it for night time. Now, I mainly wear it during my nap time. Mommy feels that it can only absorb the most 3 urine. Need to change after 2 hrs.

My 4 pieces of colourful cloth diaper.

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