Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 3 months old

1st week of my 3rd month - My sleeping pattern getting better, though some nights I may be crying around 11pm. Mommy has prepared the worse taking care of me full time.

2nd & 3rd week - Surprisingly my sleeping pattern is very good. My night feeding has reduced. Sometimes 3 hrs, then slowly 4 hrs, once even 5 hrs. Mommy is able to sleep better and I can sleep well after each night feeds. Mommy was happy sleeping with me in the baby room. But she dare not tell anybody coz she is afraid I am "siu hei".

4th week - My maternal grandparents and yi yi SS came over the weekend and praised my sleeping pattern. Oppss..they broke the spell...I was cranky again at night. Mommy suspected that because I have discovered my thumb, I have always wanted to suck my thumb during the night time. This woke me up..I want to suck my thumb but I also want to I make lots of noise at night. Mommy has to stand at my bed side helping me to put the pacifier in my mouth but I am more angry because I want my thumb, not pacifier. So, mommy's sleep interuppted again this week.

This month milestones

- I am more alert. I like people talking to me. I will gurl back when people talkled to me.
- I love to SMILE. I am easily amused by people talking to me. I always smile. I am a happy baby.
- I like to look at things. I like to look at pictures and things with contrasting colours. My head always turn around to look at my surrounding.
- I can focus. Mommy said I can focus better than kor kor. Mommy started me on flash cards and I love looking at it. I can look at it longer than kor kor.
- My neck is getting stronger though still wobbly. I always swing my head left and right in my sleep.
- I always want to get up myself by trying to pull my body forward.
- I love watching tv.
- I don't poo so much. 2 days once but my poo is soft and golden colour.
- I am still taking 3 oz of milk. 50% breast milk, 50% formula milk, 3 hrly.
- I love bathing. I love water. I like to kick in the bathtub.
- I am a strong baby. My kicks are really strong. I have a fat thigh.

Overall, I am much more interactive and well behaved this month. Mommy is very happy with me and everyone loves me very much.

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Leona said...

You are such a darling...