Friday, July 9, 2010

3rd month checkup

@ 3 months 3 weeks and 4 days old

Daddy and mommy have been delaying my 3rd month checkup and immunisation for weeks. Reason...daddy was pretty busy lately. Anyway, we went on Monday after 3 weeks of delayed.

Weight: 6.5kg (3 months and 3 weeks old)
Height: (need to check the baby book first)
Head Circumference: (need to check the baby book first)

Doctor said I am above average (slight) and of good size. Since everything is fine with me, doctor did not do much checking on me. He gave me something to eat (for rotavirus) and I started crying because it was cold. Then, the nurse stripped off my pants and doctor hold my thight...suddenly I felt poking pain at my leg. Of course I started crying loudly. It happened on another leg also. I was crying so pityfully. Then the nurse carried me up and I stopped crying not long after.

Doctor said I might developed slight fever but luckily I did not have any this time round. Mommy was relief. She was prepared for it because I've developed fever the first time.

Heard doctor said the next visit will be in August when I am 5 months old.

(Kor kor was with me for this visit and he was so scared seeing doctor poked me. He promised doctor he will take care of me, or else, doctor will poke him too. He dare not even looked at the doctor. Hahha..)

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