Monday, July 12, 2010

How do you make your baby nap?

Mommy has a question to ask and she hope she can get some advice from all mommies out there too... Here she goes...

Isabel is a light sleeper. Little sound will wake her up. Her night time sleeping pattern has improved (hope I don't jinx it) since we sleep in separate room. I'm now having a problem with her nap time.

You see..if Darren did not fall sick so frequent, he will go to day care and I will take full charge of Isabel and my helper will do her housework. Perfect arrangement..though I need to be with Isabel full time because she wakes up from her nap very frequent. But since Darren falls sick so frequent and has been missing classes, his presence will always disturb Isabel's nap.

Isabel takes her nap in the bouncing chair in the living hall. I'll give her pacifier and her pillow and bounce her in the bouncing chair until she falls asleep. At times she wants us to carry her to sleep too. If so, we will carry and pat her to sleep, once she is asleep, we will put her down in her bouncing chair. Sometimes the minute we put her down, she will wake up immediately and demanded to be carried again. If I am free (which happened if Darren goes to day care), I will carry her to sleep on my arm while I am watching tv. This way, she won't wake up so easily by noise. But my arm gets numb though. Anyway, if she sleeps in the bouncing chair, she will wake up/move almost every 15 minutes (even no noise) and required to be bounce back to sleep. If there are noise, she will definitely wake up more often. If I put her in the bedroom, I still need to be with her even though it is quieter and I will bored to death in the room.

From the above scenerio, you can see that she needs a person almost 100% with her when she naps, so that she can continue sleeping. It is really not efficient as I cannot do anything while she sleeps. I believe when baby is sleeping, it is the best time for the adults to do work. This does not happen to us. I need to improve this situation as I felt so tied down by her.

The only solution I can think of is to put her in "sarong" in her own room upstairs and get the auto rocker to rock her. I can monitor her through baby monitor. In this case, I can do my work/play with darren downstairs without being physically attached to her or afraid any noise will wake her up. But what I am afraid is...she will get addicted to the sarong and auto rocker and if we go outstation or anywhere, she will have problem taking her nap and will cry for it. (Tell me will they get addicted to it..). Also, I am also worried constantly rocking her will cause problem to her as nowadays many discourage rocking the baby up and down. (Btw, she is sleeping in her cot on her own at night, will this method disturb her night time sleeping pattern?)

What I've tried this 2 days when Darren is sick. Isabel and myself stayed in the room upstairs and I noticed her nap improved a bit but still I need to be by her side because she may just get up any time and required me to bounce her back to sleep. She is still sleeping in the bouncing chair. I tried on radio, instrumental soft music. This does not help too. She will just wake up on and off and required people to bounce her back her to sleep again.

Can anyone suggest to me another method besides the above, so that she can sleep on her own for a longer period? How do you make your baby nap? For those mothers who has 2 or more kids, how did you arrange their nap? How long does your baby nap?

Appreciate your reply.


prince n princess mum said...

My princess having shorter and shorter nap now... I also wanna find solution..

Leeyen said...

Well, my baby takes very short naps though she is alright with the noise! For me , since I can't do anything about that, I just adjust my timetable to her needs and time! I believe it's just a passing phase! So we really need to RELAX and let her be her! :)