Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy 4 months old!

Today you turned 4 months old.
Istead of celebrating it with everyone,
You and mommy are quarantine in the room.
As Kor kor is still sick,
Daddy is still coughing.

On your 4 months old,
you started coughing and sneezing today.
I'm sure you have get infected by the cold bug around the house.
Even mommy tried so hard to isolate you, you still cannot escape from it.

Kor kor asked kakak this evening,
"Where is mommy and Isabel?"
Kakak answered, " They are in the room."
"I want to see Isabel."
"Cannot. You are sick. You don't go into the room."
"I just want to see Isabel. a while only."
"I won't touch Isabel. I just want to see her. A while only. PLEASE!"
Cannot is still the answer.
Mommy wanted you to know how much kor kor misses you.
I'm sure we miss kor kor too, right?

On this day,
I hope you will get well soon.
Hope the cough and sneezing are just a mild one.
Hope mommy's milk can help to build up your immune system.
You must be strong, Isabel.

Still, happy 4 months old to you.

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prince n princess mum said...

happy 4th month.. get well soon!~