Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy 5 months old!

I'm officially 5 months old today!!

Let's see my 5 months updates..

Milk intake:
1. I'm using 8oz bottle now. I have 3 big bottles since mommy increased my milk intake to 4.5 oz beginning of 4 months.
2. My milk intake now is 4.5oz for formula milk and 5 oz for breast milk.
3. I start to dislike formula milk and only wanted mommy's milk. I hardly able to finish formula milk, always leave around 1 to 2 oz. While I drink breast milk, I will always ask for more. Mommy even needs to distract me or walk me around when feeding me formula milk.
My leftover formula milk every night.

4. My feeding interval still the same, 3-4 hrs. At night probably 1 to 2 feeds around 12am and 5am.

Sleeping pattern:
1. 2 weeks ago, I started to nap in my room on my bb cot during the day. I no longer sleeping in the bouncing net. Mommy switch on the fan and on the baby monitor. Mommy found me sleeping better in the room, no disturbance and no need to rock me.
2. I take about 3 to 4 naps a day - mid morning (1 hr); afternoon (2 hrs); late evening (30mins).
3. I sleep around 9-10pm at night and wake up around 9-10am in the morning. If I sleep in daddy's room, I wake up earlier.
4. I hardly sleep when got distractions like when we go out or on car ride.

1. Able to turn over but always fail to take out one of the hands.
2. Will always try to turn over when put down on mattress.
3. Dislike lying on bouncing net. When put on it, I'll turn to a side and use another side of my hand to hold the metal piece of the opposite and cross my leg over.Dangerous, mommy said.
4. I like to put things in my mouth. I like to play with pacifiers. I can stuff the whole pacifier in my mouth. Mommy will never let me play the pacifier on my own without supervision.
5. Mommy bought me 2 teethers.
6. I start to suck my feet and toes.
7. I like to go out and see things, i.e garden. I find sitting down in the living hall very boring.
8. I like people to talk to me. I will laugh, gurl back when talked to.
9. I make a lot of noises from my throat. Very loud noise somemore. Mommy find my voice very cute and girly.
10. I start to recognise people. I am afraid of sudden loud noises, crowded places and seeing unfamiliar faces. I'll cry very badly.
11. I like to scratch my face and ear. Sometimes I scratched till bleeding. See the big photo - left 2 dots of scratch mark near my eyes and nose.
12. My grip very strong.

Overall, I am a happy baby. Mommy, daddy, korkor and kakak love me very much.


prince n princess mum said...

happy 5 months

Yeapies said...

Blessed 5mths sweetie pie!
So sorry still didn't get to visit you. Auntie now only get max 5mins "me time" per day and that was when I'm in d loo...*sighs*

LittleLamb said...

is it mosquitoe bite near the eyes there? or is it my screen?

Happy 5 th months old. I like it when you said you are overall very happy with her progress

Mummy Moon said...

Hapy 5 months old to Isabel.

IYSON said...

hi, was blog hopping.... happy 5 mths old to ur little angel.. btw , ur girl was 2 weeks older than my boy..