Monday, August 9, 2010

I am a frustrated and angry baby...

Mommy said maybe I am teething..
I am getting more frustrated lately..
I always wants to put something in my mouth..
I just feel my mouth is so itchy.

When I don't get to put things in my mouth,
I will make a lot of noise..
and yes..I can be very loud too.
I will even start crying when I feel too frustrated.

Mommy gave me pacifier,
I want to stuff the whole thing in my mouth.
Mommy took it away,
I started crying.

Mommy gave me teether,
I try to stuff the whole thing in my mouth,
I will play for a while
but later I find it no taste and started to make noise and get frustrated again.

I want to suck my fingers,
I want to suck my legs,
I want to suck your hands,
I always try to pull mommy's hand and put into my mouth.
Whatever I can catch hold of, be it handkerchief, rattles or toys,
I will put it into my mouth.
When mommy pull it away,
I will scream and started crying.

Mommy said it is very hard to please me.
I always feel so frustrated and angry.

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