Friday, August 6, 2010

Sucking Toes..

@ 4 mths 3 weeks and 3 days old.

I have discovered something more tasty this time. Not my fingers, not pacifier but my whole FEET. I am very flexible now. I lift up my leg and use my hands to pull my legs up and pull it into my mouth....yummy..if possible, I want my whole leg in my mouth too.

I used to love sucking fingers but not so often anymore since I've discovered my legs. Yet, fingers is still better than pacifier. When I suck pacifier, I want to bite the plastic part, not the teats. Mommy always take it away when she sees me playing with the pacifier the wrong way. I will start crying.

My mouth is never free. When people carry me, I will try to lick their hands too. I like the taste of "skin"..salty..salty..nice...sometimes I will pull mommy's hand and stuff it inside my mouth too.

See how I pull my legs up..

SNAP.."I caught you!!" Mommy said..
Me..stopped sucking and looked at mommy in a stunt look, then started crying... "Mommy, you scare me la. I was sucking my toes nicely and you suddenly appeared in front of me.."

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