Monday, August 9, 2010

I want mommy's milk

Mommy is very angry with me lately, started about a week or 2 back.
Because it is very hard to feed me formula milk.
I will fuss and turn my head right and left, hiding my face at mommy's breast.
I even know how to use my tongue to push the teats out.
I can never finish my milk, always leaves at least half an oz to even 3 oz.
Mommy tried all ways to distract me.
But it is very stressful to feed me milk nowadays.

When come to feeding me breast milk,
not only I will lie down quietly and enjoying my bottle of milk,
I will gulp down all the breast milk in the bottle until the last drop.
When I finished the whole bottle,
I still cry for more milk, even mommy already given me 4.5oz.
See..I only want mommy's milk, not cow's milk.

Mommy is having headache now.
As her milk supply has decreased since she reduced her pumping sessions from 3 to 2 times 2 weeks back.
She has to reconsider her plan to stop pumping when I reach 5 months old.
My reaction now makes her harder to wean me off from breast milk.
Mommy find it so hard to provide me more breast milk as she really does not have much milk nowadays...

(note from mommy: of all time, when my milk is reducing and I plan to stop pumping, she shows great preference in my milk than formula really makes me heartache that I can't provide her with more breast milk..SIGH..)

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