Monday, August 9, 2010

My first longest outing

Yesterday I broke my record of going out for about 8 hrs (2pm to 10pm) - my longest outing.

We left the house at 2pm and went to McD for lunch. Then, we went to daddy's office to collect something and I did my BIG BUSINESS in the car while waiting for daddy. Later, we headed to 1U shopping centre. Initial plan was going to Science Centre but it was too late, so we changed our plan to shopping instead.

Mommy said it was no fun bringing me out. Why?

1. I don't sleep in the car. I stayed awake throughout the car ride.
2. I don't sleep in the public too. I get too distracted by the environment and noise around.
3. When I am too tired, I only "rest" and not sleep. I will open my eyes when I hear any noises.
4. I don't sit in the stroller long. I will get bored. So mommy sling me when I get bored of the stroller.
5. Very hard for me to drink milk in the public too.
6. I'll get frighten by sudden loud noises and will cry profusely.

Compared to korkor, he was much easier to bring out to. Mommy's shoulder ache after sling me for about 2 hrs. Korkor was creating problem too. See me in the stroller and he wanted the stroller too. So, no choice, mommy sling me and kor kor took over the stroller and he took his nap there.

We then had Japanese buffet at Shogun for dinner. Luckily I managed to take a short nap while mommy had her dinner.

This mark my longest outing so far. Everyone so tired after reached home around 10 plus.

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