Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Complains from mommy and kor kor....

Mommy likes to complain about me lately..what did she complain??

"Isabel, you are so dirty.."
- yes..I love putting things in my mouth. Anything that I can get hold of, I will put it into my mouth. I even lick/bite the baby cot bars and even mommy's arm.

"Isabel, you are so noisy.."
- yes, I always make noise. I complained too. I always want attention and feel so unsatisfied being alone. My mouth also itchy. So, I either protest by making noise or cry for attention la.

"This girl doesn't need to sleep one.."
- yes, I only cat nap. My usual nap only last for 45 mins.

"Isabel, what do you want?"
- Well, sometimes I also don't know what I want. I just feel so unhappy that I make noise and cry lor.

My kor kor also complained about me..what did he complain?

"Mommy, you see, Isabel pull my hair. Isabel, don't pull kor kor's hair."
- hehehe...who ask him to put his head so near me. I just pull lor.

"Mommy, you see, Isabel takes my things. Isabel, don't disturb kor kor.."
- hahaha...yes..I also want to play. I also want to touch kor kor's things.

"Mommy, Isabel make a lot of noise. I cannot sleep. Isabel quiet. Kor kor wants to sleep."
- Well, I just want attention.

Sigh...even daddy started to complain I am very noisy lately. Mommy said maybe I started teething wor, that makes me very uncomfortable. How???I also don't know how...

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prince n princess mum said...

Guai guai a... so, mummy n kor kor no more complains...