Sunday, September 5, 2010

Turning over and turning back

yeah...another milestone achieved...

On 13 August (@5 months old), I managed to turn over. But one of my hand always get caught under my chest and need help to take it out.

Around 18 to 25 August (@5 months and 1-2 weeks old)(can't remember the exact date), I've mastered the skill of turning over. I turned over very quickly and easily, also managed to pull both of my hands in front of me but I couldn't turn back. I have to scream for help to get the people to help me turn back when I was tired. Mommy taught me how to rest my head on one side when I feel tired.

On 3 Sept (@5 months and 3 weeks old), I finally able to turn back. also means I can roll and roll from one side to another side of the mattress now. So, mommy cannot leave me alone on a bed without putting boundaries on it. I can roll from side to side or even diagonally. Hoorey....I have the freedom to move now...I think mommy is gonna keep the bouncing net aside since I can't sit still in it now and need to change to a bigger mattress in the hall for me to roll and roll.

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