Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My first dress

Well, mommy did not buy me any dresses since I am still young. Mommy said people cannot see my dress also since I cannot walk yet and need to be carried all the time. But Grandma bought me so many clothes during her last trip here (around 10 sets I think) and among all, I can wear one of them now. The rest are still too big and need to keep till I am bigger.

So, on the day we hosted the mooncake festival gathering at home, mommy let me wear my first dress that grandma bought for me. See, I look cute, isn't it?

On that day, mommy also finally bought a dress for me from a shopping centre but not for me to wear now but when I am 9 months old. Will show that to you some other time.


prince n princess mum said...

wear more dresses.. u look adorable in it!

Mummy Moon said...

yeah, she is so cute, maybe can wear skirt? I like to see baby wearing short short skirt hehe