Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 6 months old = unpredictable baby

Mommy described me with one word "UNPREDICTABLE" for this month. Why? Let's see..

Stats first:
Weight: 7.17kg
Height: update later
Head Circumferences: update later

Sleeping pattern.
- sometimes sleep well, sometimes not.
- 3 to 5 naps a day range from 15 mins to 45 mins. On good day, can last for 1 hr or 2 but only happened once or twice.
- I'll still wake up smiling even just 15mins nap.
- My awake hours is around 2 hrs. Then I'll feel tired again.
- Lately, my body clock has changed. I used to sleep around 9pm and still the same but I will wake up around 11pm and started playing till 1am. Sometimes I get overtired and will cry till 3am before falling asleep soundly. I used to be able to sleep quite well at night but not this month.
- mommy still need to carry me to sleep.
- I nap in my baby room but has shifted to daddy's room for night time since we came back from Singapore.
- Funny thing, I can sleep through or quite well during weekend or holidays but on weekday or days daddy needed to go to work the next day, I will usually cry or being more difficult at night. This causes lots of stress in mommy.
- When I sleep on the cot, my legs and hands will sometimes stick out from the bars.

Feeding pattern
- I am drinking 5oz of milk nowadays.
- Mommy is weaning me off from breastmilk. I am taking more of formula milk now. Enfalac A+.
- At times 5oz is not enough for me. I'll cry for more milk. At times I left around 20, 40 or 60ml of milk.
- My feeding internal range from 3 to 4 hourly.
- Funny thing, if my internal is longer, usually I cannot finish my milk. If my internal is shorter, I can finish the whole bottle.
- Started drinking water now.
- Mommy intend to start me on semi-solid soon.

- I can turn over and turn back to chest up easily on both side. I can basically roll and roll on a mattress.
- When on tummy down, I can lift up my head very high and turning left and right.
- I like to throw things.
- I like to do patting using my both hands. Eg, pat my leg.
- I like to touch or feel the face the person carrying me.
- I can pinch people very hard.
- Started to explore toys - play gym and electronic toys.
- Put everything in my mouth.
- Still sucking toes.
- Laugh out loud when funny sounds are made.
- Laugh when we tried to pull things from her hands.
- Love bathing. Always tried to grab the side of the bathtub and love splashing water with legs and hands.
- Love to bite on hard things rather than the soft teether.
- Started utter "DAH" and make more sound (like talking/complaining)..last Friday.
- Started like talking after that.
- Afraid of stranger. Daddy also don't want. Only want mommy and kakak.
- Afraid of new environment.
- Dislike loud noises.
- Very sensitive to sound and surroundings.

Overall I still do not have a routine yet. Mommy is trying very hard to set me a routine but fail to. Main reason, I don't nap long enough and no fix hour of my nap. I just live on a 3 hr cycle. Feed on every 3 hr. Play around 2 hr and get tired and TRYING to sleep on the last hour. It goes round the clock like that but no fix time for feeding, sleeping and playing. Mommy really wish I can sleep on own and longer, then she can do more work. She said I am occupying most of her time now since I sleep so little.