Monday, October 10, 2011

Kurus girl hate milk hear me right.. I don't want to drink milk. I started rejecting milk since I started falling sick. Though I didn't really like milk all the while or I should say it is not easy to make me drink milk but as long I got things to play, I can still drink it.

But during the days I was sick, mommy has been feeding me milk day and night and I get sick of it. Also, few days before that, mommy gave me a new milk (Mamil Gold) to try and I never like it at all. Not to waste the packet of milk, mommy tried to get me finish it.

So now, I can never finish a bottle of milk, even if it is just 100ml. Not only that, it is extremely hard for me to drink milk. Not any toys can get me to drink milk. It must be something I like or interesting. Even during midnight, I still wake up but definitely not for milk. Don't give me milk coz I can waste the whole bottle of milk. So, mommy only let me drink water if I want. If not, she just let me cry lor...

So, i have another nickname now...kurus girl..since I fell sick, I have lost some weight...before that , I was weight 10kg++ but not I am only 9.3kg. Mommy said I am so light already. When bathed me, can see my bones also. Lau yi asked, how come I am not chubby chubby one?? Sigh.I am a girl ma..I am taking care of my mommy, don't force me milk anymore, ok?

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prince n princess mum said...

Kids really lose weight super fast during sick... kesian...... hope her diet back to normal soon..