Monday, October 24, 2011

My 2nd trip to Singapore

This is my 2nd trip to Singapore. It is a short 3D2N business trip for daddy. We tagged along since mommy needed to help daddy on certain things in Singapore.

Mommy was worried about me earlier on and hesisted to go but after thinking much, she decided to bring us there. To her surprise, I behaved extremely well and being super happy throughout the trip. I have no problem stepping in to my grandparents place, lau yi house (I was happy and smiling to see the big fishes in the pond) and my yi yi Janice house. I slept well during my 2 nights in Singapore too. But I hit my forehead on the first night there. I woke up crying and tried to stand but I fell and hit on the bean at the glass window next to me. Mommy thought I just hit at the glass window and next when she woke up, she saw a line straight in the middle of my forehead, with some blue black around it. She insepcted the window and realised that I must have hit at the metal beam at the window. Poor me... I was crying hard when I hit but mommy never suspected anything during that time..

Anyway, I was having a good time running around yi yi Janice house. Everyone was so "kan cheong" when they saw me running around. Daddy especially panic when saw me running around coz the place is small and have many edges. They closed the balcony door most of the time too.

I also enjoyed running at the office daddy brought us too. I was so happy running, jumping and exploring the corridor there until mommy was exhausted running after me.

I had some good time at the shopping centre too, playing at the play area im Paragon. I was behaving well during most meal where mommy gave me lot of junk to eat. She brought so many titbits for me in one of the shops in Paragon, named Vitakids. Mommy also bought me new bottles since my Pigeon bottle wasn't too good. I think mommy spent the most on me on this trip.

One thing is I don't like night travelling. We left Singapore in the evening and I didn't like to sleep in the dark in the car. I was crying and kept saying "I scared..I scared.." It took me a while to fall asleep and daddy made so many stops for clean my poo, to change me...finally I slept all the way back after so much struggle.

But so far, mommy claimed that I was a good girl overall and she is not afraid of bringing me to places now...Horrey..I like going out too...and please bring me out..

Let's see the loots mommy brought for me in Singapore..

Kor kor and me were waiting for daddy at the office reception area..

Lots of tit bits mommy brought for me..all organic stuff..

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Hope you enjoy your short gateway!~