Monday, October 3, 2011

Poor girl, you get infected by us...

updated by mommy @ 1 year 6 months 2 weeks and 6 days old..

Kor kor started the cycle. Down since last Wednesday. Then kakak's turn on Friday but luckily recovered by Saturday. Followed by mommy on Saturday and have yet to recover. Yesterday it was your turn. So sorry, baby..mommy already tried very hard to quarantine ourselves and prevent the spreading of the virus but it seems like the virus is too strong.

You started having mild fever late evening. Then you complained stomach ache. We suspected daddy gave you too much coconut water to drink, with the good intention to cool down the body temperature. Immediately at 8pm, daddy sent you to Dr. Cheah in USJ. You came back with mild fever and some redness at the throat but stomach was fine. We need to monitor your fever.

Since mommy was having fever and coughing whole day. Daddy have to take care of you. You slept well from 11pm to 6am. By 6am, your cry woke daddy up and found out that your fever shot up to 39.5 and you were shivering. Daddy got a shock. Immedaitely he gave you a suppository and sponged you the whole morning. Your fever did not seems to go down from 6am till 1pm. Kakak and daddy have to take turn to sponge you to reduce the temperature. Once they stopped sponging, the temp went up again. Daddy fed you another round oral PCM at 11am but still no sign of effect.

Mommy was worried. Mommy called Dr. Low, Dr Cheah for advise. Nothing much we can do except we keep sponging you. Dr. Low advise voren suppository but Dr Cheah against it. Daddy bought Kool fever and applied on your forehead. By 1.30pm, your fever seems to subside. We all relieved. But by 3.30pm, your fever came back again. We need to sponge you goes on and on...

Mommy can't do anything, except watching you from far. Mommy is sneezing and coughing and still running a fever. Mommy cannot take care of you. Seeing you lazing at downstairs without energy, mommy's heartache. Mommy hope mommy can take away your sickness..mommy hope mommy can suffer from you.

Mommy feel very bad for not being available to you when you most needed mommy. Mommy kept hearing your cries and whinning from upstairs but mommy can't do anything. The minute touches you, you started whining, wanting to complain, I know. Daddy and kakak advised mommy not to go near, so I will make you feel sad. I know you are sad for not able to see mommy.

My baby Isabel, please recover strong and let us fight the virus together. I'm sure you can do it...mommy loves you...

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CL said...

oh dear... i hope all of you are feeling better now .. speedy recovery, Isabel... and you take care too, mommy.

Currently, I am having 2 sick kids at home too... :(