Monday, January 30, 2012

"Scared..scared.."... "Itchy itchy.."...."milk ..milk.." (then spit it out)

updated by mommy @ 1 yar 10 months 2 weeks and 3 days old

These are the 3 things that makes me very irritated and angry with her lately.

Scared ... scared..
Since the Melaka incident, she always say "scared..scared.." out of no reason. Little bit of things will frighten her such as sound, funny faces, people with costume, dark colours and who knows what else...

She was scared of the lady who dressed in olden days costume in the tv.
She was scared of the "lion head" tissue paper box displayed at my parent's house.
She was scared of the "Fok Lok Sau" statue at my parent's house.
SHe was scared of the cat shadow at the window.
She was scared of one of the pictures in the bedtime baby book that she used to read every night.
She claimed she was scared at the entrance of the restaurant.
She claimed she was scared middle of the night in the hotel room (with dim light on).
She claimed she was scared suddenly even in her own room.
She claimed she was scared after hearing some sound (not even loud).

Problem is she will start crying when she was scared and kept saying "scared..scared.." and nothing can calm her down. Even if you leave the place or tell her nothing. She will cling on me like koala bear and refused to be put down or even sit down. It takes some time for her to cool down.

I really don't know how to let her know there is nothing to be afraid of..

She has been complaning itchy usually at her stomach or back about few months back. There was nothing but she will just complained about the itchness. It was still bearable.

Then, few weeks before CNY, she got a lot of mosquitoes bites very frequently. She then complained even more about the itchness at the bites areas + the stomach and back area. Fair enough, it was itchy and I bought some medicated cream for her to apply. She has been scractching herself till leaving some marks around her hands and legs. It was still bearable as I understand her situation.

Later came the allergy. Her whole body has become so itchy that she has been complaining most of the time. I tried to apply calamine lotion and scratched for her. Nothing we can do and just hope the medicine can helped her. But with the hot weather, the medicine seems not helping.

From then, she has been complaining itchiness on her whole body..though she has recovered from her allergy, she already developed the habits of complaining itchy. She will get so frustrated with her itchiness and started whinning and crying. I need to help her scratch and scratch for a LONG time. I think it has become a habit.

Now, the frequent place she complained about her itchness are her back where her length is, her upper buttock where the pampers waist line is and her buttock. Well, on and off her hands and legs too..

I really thought of cutting her hair short, so that her hair will not irritates her. But she won't look as cute and pretty as now. Also, hubs prefers her hair long.

I also thought of potty trained her, so that she can off diaper soon. Then, her bottom will be more airy and clean and dry.

I really don't know how to help her get rid of this bad habit.

"Milk...milk.." then spit it out..
She would cry for milk whenever she sees her milk bottle or milk basket or heard the word "milk".

But when you make it for her, she will suck but then spit it out the next moment. She will let the milk flow out from her mouth and dripped on to her shirt and neck. Now whenever she drinks milk, I must get ready a handkerchief, in case she does this. You never know when she will spit her milk out.

If you don't give her milk, she will cry and if we abuse her and don't let her drink. But if we make, she will basically waste the whole bottle of milk. There is no way you can force her to drink the milk if she doesn't want to.

So, I have been seeing bottles of bottles of milk (full bottle) went down the drain. I really feel heartache to waste milk like that. I hate it whenever she does this.

Any suggestion how to resolve this bad habit of her? I am thinking I will just let her cry if she is requesting her milk out of her normal milk time. It is better that she cry than wasting the milk. I also hope by doing this, she will know she won't get her milk if she is really not hungry,

These 3 habits really drive me up to the wall. I need more patience to deal with her and this bad habits and I really hope she will outgrown this bad habits of her soon...


prince n princess mum said...

Hope your bad habits fast fast go away!~

Ann said... girl also suddenly don't want milk with bottle. We spoon feed her for now and hope she will outgrow it. Hoping for the best for you too.