Thursday, May 24, 2012

Another fall

About 3 weeks ago, I was walking from the learning room out to the dining room, suddenly I just tripped and fell flat on the floor, face down. Mommy saw and immediately carried me up. Obviously it was very painful, so I cried very loud. Mommy thought I hit my forehead on the tiles. She quickly asked daddy to bring the ice pack. I refused to let mommy rub the ice pack on my forehead but she forced through it. Later, she saw a blue black on another side of my forehead, she thought she rubbed the wrong side, immediately she rub the other side of my forehead. But then, I was covering my eyes all the while. Later when mommy changed me during my bedtime, she removed my spectacles and she saw a big blue black around my left eye. She got a shock and quickly callled daddy up. Daddy said it must be the spectacle hit my eyes and caused the blue black. There was a red line around the spectacle frame area. Next day, the blue black turned worse and for another couple of weeks, my eyes looked like applied eye shadow on it with maroon near the eye lid, followed by blue and black towards the eyebrow. It was only it is subsiding. This picture was taken few days after the accident. It looked worse in real life.

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