Wednesday, May 23, 2012

@ 2 years 2 months 1 week and 3 days old

Just a short update on myself..

1. I can sing ABC, twinkle twinkle little star. I am learning Ba ba Black Sheep, Birthday song and 10 little Indian boys. I love singing song. I will hum or sing on my own when I play by myself.

2. I am talking in sentences now. I will string a few words to form the sentence. Eg, I want go Daddy there. Mommy bathe bel bel (I call myself bel bel). Bel bel fight ko ko. Let's go. Mommy bring bel bel shopping. Ko ko help bel bel fix (something spoil). Ko Ko hug bel bel.

3. I always pull out my spectacles lately. Maybe due to the scratches on the lens that causes discomfort in my vision.

4. I am stil fussy about food. What I like yesterday, I might not like it today.

5. I love drawing and scribbling on paper.

6. I love going kai kai. To me, kai kai means I can walk around on my own freely.

7. I self feed when we are eating outside. I can feed myself quite well.

8. I am as stubborn as mommy.

9. I like to pull ko ko's hair, spectacles (I broke ko ko spectacles last week by pulling it from his face), scratch him and even hit him. But I also love him very much.

10. Mommy hit me with rotan very hard while I accidently draw on the white sofa with the multicolour highlighter daddy brought back yesterday.

11. Well, mommy and daddy say I am a very naughty girl wor..

12. I am also very active and restless. I move non-stop and can hardly sit still.

13. I know how to pull down my own pants.

14. I want to walk on my own and don't like to be guided by mommy.

15. I love playing water. I like to wash hands on my own in the toilet by standing on a small stool. I don't like mommy helping me.

16. I don't like mommy doing work in the kitchen.

17. I run super fast and always fall down and injured myself.

Is that all? Can't think much at the moment..will update when there are more..

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