Friday, May 25, 2012

Red red swollen dots again...

Yes..seems like my allergy is back AGAIN..after 1 month.. and seems like this time it is attacking my hands and palms. I have a total of 4 on each hand, 1 on forehead, 2-3 near the neck and ear areas.

What did I eat? Could it be the longevity noodles that I ate on ko ko's birthday that contain crab meat? But doctor said this allergy is not come from food.

Could it be the "wild grass" that I pull out from the garden few days back? But it has been a few days...

I didn't eat something different yesterday nor do anything different..maybe is the paint??? I did painting yesterday evening.

Mommy is having headache again..heartache more like it...Her heart sank after seeing all the red swollen dots dots on my hands..

The dots dots are very itchy..I can't help but to scratch them hard. Mommy immediately cut my nail, hopefully I will scratch till bleed or infection. Mommy is afraid it will leave marks /scarring on me again..which I had so many that seems never recover.

Mommy has been applying the "Fusicort" for me. Though she knows applying too much is no good, but this is the only way she can do for me to prevent me from scratching..but it is still itchy after applying..

Let's pray that the dots dots will go away soon...

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