Friday, May 25, 2012

Eye checkup...

Today we went to sunway hospital for our power check. Mommy tried to apply eye drops for us at home and I didn't allow. No choice, mommy has to carry me and hold my hands tight while daddy put the drops for me. I was crying and struggling. I was rewarded with M&Ms after each drops. I need to apply 3 times for each eye. So, I ate the most chocolates today. (Ko Ko was screaming and struggling too, never set a good example for me).

Anyway, I was too tired and fell asleep on mommy's chest on the way to hospital. Later, I woke up and luckily my eyes were all dialated. (earlier the nurse said my eyes were not dialated while I was sleeping, luckily she said wait and see later after I wake up..).

Anyway, mommy tried to put me at the machine to get the estimates but I was reluctant. Later, she get me to read some letters and I was able to read some but not all...But when she started to put the lens in front of my eyes, I started to push it away.

So, they let ko ko to do first. I was enjoying my raisin while waiting for kor kor. When it was my turn, I still struggled but luckily mommy was smart enough to ask to take iPad out. (Thanks kor kor for remembering to bring the iPad for me. He is such a thoughtful kor kor, even mommy forgotten all about the iPad but kor kor put it in his bag for me.)

Daddy showed me the "twinkle twinkle little stars" and finally we completed the session without much problem. *relief*...coz mommy was worried they need to sedate me in order to get the power.

When it was time to see Dr. Chin, I was not co-operative. She couldn't check my eyes and suggested for next day sedation. Mommy asked if it is necessary. Dr. said that unless we followed the power obtained earlier, which was much higher than what I am having now, but no harm having a higher power lenses, so that I am sure my eyes will not squint. And when mommy asked what is the power, she got a shock..+950 on left eye and +850 on right eye.

Her heart sank after hearing the HIGH power I had.

However, later in the car, daddy felt that I should be sedated in order to get a more accurate power since it is stated so HIGH at the moment. Daddy is not very comfortable with the number. Since, I am going to wear it for a year, it is better to get a more accurate power. Mommy's heart shaken another time, knowing I have to go through another torture.

Anyway, will call the doctor and see how...pray hard that my power is not really that high....Mommy can't bear to see my "thick" lenses.

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