Saturday, May 26, 2012

Learning activities

Mommy has been preparing some activities for me to learn and play. For record purposes, below are the activities that I have been doing in this month.

From left to right, top to down. 1. Stacking blocks. 2. Forming shapes with blocks. I discovered that 2 triangles can form a square. Mommy was amazed with that. 3. Mystery bag. 4. Scoping water with ladle. 5. Memory game/ space memory/ sticker game. 6. Forming patterns with shape from a template. 7. My activity shelves. 8. Maths activity. COunting 1 to 5 with ice cream sticks. 9. Inserting chips. 10. Our learning time with ko ko..

There are more activities that I did but no picture was taken because I get distracted very easily with camera. So, mommy prefer to concentrate on the activities itself.

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