Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mommy scold bel bel cannot...

Mommy just scolded kor kor for not completing his homework. Then, mommy brought Isabel up to the room getting ready for bedtime..

Isabel: Mommy scold kor kor.
Mommy: Yes..kor kor naughty. Mommy scolded kor kor.
Isabel: Mommy angry.
.Isabel was talking to mommy something and made mommy smile..
Isabel: Mommy happy..(sound happy)
Mommy: Yes..Do you want mommy to be happy or angry?
Isabel: Bel bel want mommy happy.
Mommy: Then bel bel has to be a good girl, ok?
Isabel: Ok..

Mommy then brought Isabel to the washroom and washed her up and changed her into pyjamas. Somehow Isabel couldn't get her hands into the sleeves and mommy kept saying "No..No..No..". Isabel then started sobbing and turned into crying. Isabel thought mommy was scolding her when saying "NO" for so many times and mommy was puzzled why Isabel cried until Isabel said,

"Mommy scold bel bel cannot"...

One manja girl mommy has...

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