Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Child Play: Lego

As compared to kor kor, I play more. I love anything that presented to me and being taught how to play.

This lego set was from kor kor's time but kor kor hardly play with it. Mommy took it out, play with me for a while and now whenever mommy said " Let's play toys", I will take the lego out and invite mommy/daddy to play with me.

We build car and aeroplane. Inside the lego set, there are 1 boy and 1 girl. I always think the girl is me and the boy is kor kor. I sit in the car and kor kor sit on the aeroplane. We sing songs too when we play.

Lego is a very good toy to instill creativity. It also helps on fine motor skills when trying to build the pieces together. But it is very expensive nowadays and the quality is quite poor. I broke 2 pieces of legos lately by just dropping in on the floor...mommy is going to complain to the company.

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