Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Confused with "me" & "you", "thank you" & " welcome

I learnt how to say "thank you" since very young. I heard kor kor said thank you when given something to him; mommy taught me say "thank you" when she gave me something...so I know I must "thank you" when someone give me something or do a favour for me. So, I have been saying "thank you" when such situation occurred.

But lately, after every time I said "thank you", mommy sure said "you are welcome". Even kor kor also the same..and I started thinking, maybe I should say "welcome" instead of "thank you". Maybe mommy is "correcting" me. So, one day, after mommy gave me something, I said to mommy,

"Welcome mommy"

Mommy started laughing....she then asked me said "thank you".

Now, I am very confused...I don't know I should say "thank you" or "welcome". So, sometimes I will say "welcome", sometimes I will say "thank you". Mommy said she also don't know how to teach me anymore..


When mommy scold me, I will turn to daddy and daddy will ask me,

"Mommy scold you, issit?"

So, now, whenever mommy (or anyone) scold me, I will tell the other person,

"mommy scold you" while sobbing,.

One day, daddy scolded me and I went to complain to mommy,

"Daddy scold you" while crying..

Mommy tried to correct me by saying,

"Isabel, no.daddy scold ME, not YOU."

I then stopped crying and told mommy,

"Daddy scold mommy, not bel bel.."

Mommy started laughing...

I don't understand...I am confused again...

It's true daddy scold you (me) ma..but why mommy taught me and say scold me..so daddy is scolding mommy lor..am I right???

now, you and me...how to differenciate????

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