Saturday, September 15, 2012

Giving excuses

One day, mommy wanted me to try some funny drink. I saw the content and I was not interested. I shaked my head. After a while, mommy tried again, I told mommy in a serious look,

"Bel bel cough cough, cannot drink. Bel bel hachiu (sneezing), cannot drink."

Mommy shaked her head, she said "So young already know how to give excuses..."


Today we were having lunch and Isabel decided that she had enough (the bowl still has some leftover)  and started to get out from the highchair, mommy asked, "Isabel, do you still want somemore?" Isabel replied,

"No...bel bel cough cough...bel bel cannot eat already.."

*shake head* she really know how to use "cough" as an excuse..


Isabel loves to eat sweet things, especially raisins, cranberries, vitamins...We told her that too many sweet things are not good for her.

One day, mommy gave her some fruits but she refused. She told mommy,

" This one sweet sweet, no good."


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