Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tot school: 26/07/2012 (Thursday)

Since mommy introduced me the Geoforme activity last week, I fell in love with the set. I frequently take it out and played with the different shapes. Now, mommy didn't take out the cards for me to follow and build. She now let me form the shapes myself.

This time, I surprised her by arranging the same shape in 3 different sizes. She was surprised to see that and took out the remaining shapes in different sizes to let me arrange.

See, I am able to arrange all from big to small.

Next, she took out some cards (a free gift set from the enfa milk powder) and let me do shape matching. She uses the Geoforme board and arranged 4 cards on it. I am able to match the shapes.

After that, we requested the memory game from the shelf.

Last, mommy took out this set of new game for me.

It contains of 12 pieces of puzzles to form the town. 16 models mode of transportation ( 4 aeroplanes, 4 ships,  4 cars and 4 trains) and 6 memory cards.

First, we need to fix the puzzle to form the town. I need help from mommy to complete the puzzle.

Next, mommy taught me how to place all the vehicles on to the puzzles.

Last, mommy guided me how to play with the different mode of transportation - car runs on a road, train runs on a track, ship sails on sea and aeroplane flies in the sky.

Mommy think this game is very educational. We have no time to continue with the memory game provided in this set. I like to play with the car model very much.

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