Friday, September 7, 2012

Tot School: 19/7/2012 (Thursday)

Today we learnt about forming pictures using different shapes. I know the shapes quite well - square, triangle, circle, rectangle, heart. Mommy bought this set of geoforme for me from a DIY shop in Summit. The orginal one is very expensive but this one is relatively cheap.

Mommy is trying to teach me how to build a man using different shapes, following the cards given in the set.

Later kor kor came back from school and he joined in the fun too.

Next, we did lacing exercise.

I have played this a few times but I was not able to put the string in the hole. This time, I am able to threat the string in. It means that my fine motor skill is getting better. Mommy is so happy to see me finally able to do it. See how focus I was during the "stringing" process.

Then, we proceed to wooden puzzles.

We bought this owl wooden puzzles from the same DIY shop too but this set is not so good. The wooden edges are not fine enough and the children has to be very careful when handling it. Well, china product, what to expect, right?

I just love doing puzzles.

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