Thursday, June 23, 2011

Eye checkup for both kids

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Sent both Isabel and Darren for eye checkup last Friday. We planned it on Friday because we wanted the Dr to have more time and patience for Isabel..but....sigh...

Ok, last Friday was a schedule checkup for Darren to obtain his new power because his glasses are very scratched and we wanted to do a new lens for him. So, we brought forward the power checking 2 months earlier. He needed to put on eye drops in order to get the power checked.

It was also a scheduled checkup for Isabel to obtain her power since we failed to get it the last time. We wanted to give it another try. So I planned my day very well, so that she has enough sleep, fully fed and brought toys, ipad loaded with her favourite children songs video, bread and biscuits along to the hospital.

The appointment was supposed to be 1.30pm but Isabel woke up late that morning and she had a late nap. Yes, I wanted her to have a nap before going, so that she will be happy and not cranky. She woke up around 1.30pm from her late nap and immediately we rushed to the hospital. Unfortunately we were stucked in a "dunno why" massive jam at the Subang roundabout for about 15 mins. We finally arrived the hospital around 2.45pm.

The doctor has many patients on that day and I requested to let Isabel check on her squint first. If she has the squint, we have to immediately plan for her power checking. Hence the eye drops. If no squint, it is still up to us to decided to get the power checked or not.

Well, we were waiting at the playroom and she was happily playing the rocking horse.

Then it was about her milk time and we wanted to make milk but then suddenly the nurse called for her. She went in and the minute I sat down, she started to struggle and try to avoid the doctor. It took some effort to get her to focus on the target and the doctor briefly checked her pupils alignment.

Good news was her eyes still have not developed squint yet but soon she might have due to her in born defect of the shape of the cornea. The doctor advised us to obtain her power as soon as possible even though she has no squint because early years of clear vision is important for them to develop certain cells in the brain. Arrgghhh....meaning, it is a MUST to get the power, so that if her power is high, even though no squint, she still need to be put on glasses. Seems like we cannot avoid this. The doctor suggested us to put her under sedation because she seems not co-operative during the sessions and it will be quite hard for both.

Sedation....something we really do not wish to do on her but I know she is not an easy child, especially she is wary of strangers. We wanted to try, to try let her do it without sedation but don't think the doctor has the patience/time for us to slowly get her into it. Also, if we still fail to obtain her power by then, she will need to go through another round of "eye drops" nightmare for the "3rd" time. This is something we do not want her to go through so many times too. Hubby, who opposed the idea from the begining also started to give in, looking at how she reacted the minute we sat near the doctor. Maybe sedation is the only option...

Back to Darren....he needed to put the eye drops to obtain his new power..However, he was not co-operating as well this time. Maybe the daddy is around. He was especially manja and hubby gave in so much of his demand. The last time I was able to do it just with me around him. It took us so long to put the first drop. After a few minutes, we need to put the 2nd drop and it was even harder. He kept giving excuse, demanding for things and yet still not able to put. Finally, it reached 4pm and the clinic is closing and we did not have enough time for Darren. The check can only be done after 45 minites of the last drop of eye drops. He needs a total of 3 drops each on each eye and we were only managed to put in the first drop. So, mission abandon due to time contraint.

The nurse advised us to let them both do it another time together and advise us to go earlier. So that they can help us to 'force' them for the eye drops. As for Isabel, since they need to sedate her, it is advisable to go earlier too. Let her be very sleepy and it will be easier for her to sleep after the sedation medicine. So, we scheduled the appointment again after 2 weeks.

Mission was not accomplished this time for both kids but we wasted RM180++ just for normal check, which I really think not necessary, epsecially for Darren since he is going for his power check next 2 weeks. It was supposed to be power checking but ended up just a normal check...sigh!! Stress...stress on the parents and hubby's pocket too..

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