Friday, June 10, 2011

First bump on the head

@ 1year 2 months 3 weeks and 6 days old

It happened on the last day of May - last Tuesday. I did not nap well that whole day and only napped about 30 mins throughout the whole day. Towards the night time, mommy was getting very frustrated with my clingyness and fussiness. She scolded me a few times and even hit my thigh and buttock with her hands because I kept making noises and she didn't know what I want..well...I think I was overly tired on that day.

After daddy came down from his bath, daddy took over from mommy. Mommy went to the kitchen and took out their rice, ready to have dinner while daddy was watching over me in the living hall. While mommy just turned away from me, I was walking very fast to the Ikea foot stool and suddenly I dropped down just few inches before reaching the stool and I hit my head right at the corner of the leg of the foot stool. Daddy shouted and mommy heard it but she thought I just fell like those normal fall but daddy ran straight to me with a big "OH GOSH"...mommy knew something not right. I paused a while, then started crying out loud.

Mommy rushed to me and found that my right forehead was swollen till it was like the size of half the "egg". was that big oval shape. In the middle of the bump, it lies one straight green line that looked like a vein. It was scary..very scary.

Mommy's heart beating non-stop and immediately she carried me to calm me down. At the same time, she calmed herself down and kept thinking what to do..she then shouted.."Ice..Ice pack..faster...". The swell was very bad..daddy tried to apply the ice pack on my head and I was screaming my lungs out...I just refused the ice pack. It was painful, ok?

After a few rounds of applying ice packs and at the same time, calm me down, I finally calm down when mommy offered me apple. Mommy felt so bad (especially after she has just scolded me before the accident) and heartache...everyone felt heartache actually.. Luckily the swell slowly subsided after an hour or so...However, mommy's heart was very heavy throughout the whole night. She didn't even want to have her dinner.

Mommy monitored me 24 hrs from then and I was all fine. THe next day, my swell was not too bad anymore. It left the blue black small bump on the head till today. This was the worse fall so far. From then on, daddy is very careful with me walking around the house every time he takes care of me now. Mommy also feel stress taking care of me nowadays.

This picture was taken the next morning after the fall. It didn't look too bad from the photo but the bump was definitely visible.

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Cynthia said...

Oouch! It's must be very painful ya.. next time gonna walk with care.. hugs