Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love to scream..

Yes..I love to scream...I scream really really loud and I enjoy screaming..
I even invite kor kor to scream together with me and see who screams the loudest.
I will scream first and look at kor kor.
Kor kor then starts screaming and I will laugh..
After laughing, I scream even louder than kor kor..
the kor kor will try to scream even louder than me..
and we both laugh...
At the end, both of us get scolding from daddy and mommy...
our voice are definitely deafening..especially when we are in the car.
I just like to do this in the car because I am bored.

Last Saturday night, we played the "screaming" game in the car.
On Sunday, we played again but I lost my voice when I screamed very loud..
Everyone was so worried about my voice..
But now, I am back to normal and I started screaming again...

I will also scream when things are not given..
I am very fierce.
This evening, I was screaming in the porch when playing ball catching.
My scream even catch the attention of our opposite neighbour poh poh.
She was amazed of my loud voice.

I definitely have a pair of strong lungs...

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