Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My chicken pox jab

@ 1 year 3 mths 1 week and 1 day old

Mommy brought me for my chicken pox jab last Tuesday. As usual, I was crying and hiding away when the doctor took my statistic. At the end, they failed to obtain my height. I am slightly below average but still fall under the normal range.

When the doctor jab me, I cried my lungs out again. I am definitely not as brave/tough as korkor.

Luckily I didn't develop fever this time round. Doctor said I still have another pneumococoa booster jab next month..OH no....not anymore....WUAAAAA....

After reached home, while mommy tried to wash my hands at the sink (my upper body was bending down), suddenly mommy saw blood dripping down and she got a shock when she saw the blood dripping down from my nose. My nose bleed again, for the second time. Immediately she let me sit up right and tried to wipe away the blood. Thank God my nose stopped bleeding after that.

Mommy tried to call doctor but the doctor's phone was engaged most of the time and she failed to reach her even by the evening. Anyway, it was bleeding just for a while and later she observed me and found that I was behaving normal and fine. SHe never try contact the doctor again the next day.

Mommy forsees I will have more nose bleed sessions coming since my nose bleeds for 2 times already in just a few months time. She just hope my nose is ok and did not have any problem.

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