Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm drinking from straw

Last week while mommy attending the Disney Junior event in Bangsar Village II, daddy was babysitting us and brought us around the shopping mall. He then walked into a baby shop and spotted a water tumbler for me. It was the straw type of tumbler (Munchkin brand). Since my Avent sippy cup is leaking, daddy bought this for me.

Few days later, mommy took it out and let me try. I was happy having the new tumbler and mommy helped me to put the straw in my mouth. I bite it at first, then chew it later...then later, I slowly somehow suck it and there were water getting into my mouth. Slowly, slowly...I suck and more and more water getting into my mouth. I finished almost the whole bottle of water in no time and still refuse to let go. I just love this tumbler.

Nowadays, when I was given this tumbler to drink water, I can drink lots and lots of it and finished almost the whole bottle of water. Now, mark my new achievement...I am drinking from straw now...thank you Daddy!!

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