Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Learning journey - Week 1 & 2 Fruits

It is a theme based learning. We started our first lesson with the theme - Fruits, for the first 2 weeks. Every 2 weeks, mommy will change the theme.

What do we cover in our approx 1 hour learning corner?

1. Montessori Activity.
2. Flash cards - picture cards, word cards, chinese word cards.
3. Sensory box - learning opposites
4. A few selected books
5. Shichida activities
6. tracing alphabets
7. drawing & colouring
8. Countries & World Language (follow TW lesson)
9. Matching with real objects.
10. Play - sing song, movement, mirror...puppets..

Seems a lot, right but each activity only takes a short time, except the montessori, sensory box or drawing activities...Overall, I spend around 1 hour to complete all the activities above. I have short attention span, so I move over to next activity very fast. Certain days, I skip some activities too. I love the montessori activity the MOST and will attack this first when I walk into the room.

Let's see what I did for the theme "fruits"..The photos below taken in 3 separate days.

Day 1
Sorting pom-poms and puppet show time for eye exercise. I love the bunny and try to catch and hug it.

Sensory box - Learning "inside" & "outside" by using toy apple & orange.
Drawing & scribbling..

Day 2
Sorting and picking up pom-poms using tongs.

Scoping & pouring water..

Cleaning up - Wiping the floor after pouring the water..

Puppets show time for eye exercise..using props like apple & orange..

Senses time - experiencing real fruits by seeing, touching, smelling and tasting it. I get to eat and taste the fruits at the end of the class. I also did matching of the real fruits to the pictures cards mommy persented to me.

Mirror play - showing all kind of expressions.

Tasting grapes..

Day 3
Sorting out pom poms using ladle. Puppet showing time presenting pom poms.

Reading out the TW material.

Learning Greece..

Recognising Greece flag. Locating where Greece is and looking at the map of Greece

At the same time, mommy plays Greece national anthem, counting 1-10 in Greek, saying A-Z in Greek, common greetings in Greek, a few Greek children songs, Greek traditional songs, Greek traditional music in the background for my exposure.

Mommy tried not to take too many photos as everytime she took out the camera, I was attracted to it and will leave the activity that I am playing. Mommy needs to focus on me too.

New words that I picked up in this theme - Kiwi, grapes, lemon, grapefruit..
We will continue learning more about fruits and mommy will continue letting me feel and taste different type of fruits, though we are going to conclude our "fruit" theme soon..

So, our next theme will be....stay tune...