Saturday, December 24, 2011

Week 3,4 & 5 - Transportation Week

Yes, our second theme is "Transportation". We extented this theme to 3 weeks or maybe even more because we are a bit slack in learning in this month due to the coming festive season mood and holidays. It has an on and off learning and mommy tried to stretch it longer, so that I can pick up more.

Look at the materials mommy has prepared for me. The country that I am learning is "DR of the Congo" and the world language is "French".

The montessori activities that I have been doing.

Toys related to cars, trains, aeroplanes, trucks and tractors, boats are all displayed in my open shelves play area for my access.

I also play Thomas train set. Another game related to transportation theme is I sat in an empty box and kor kor pushes me around. It was fun fun fun and kor kor was so tired pushing me around and mommy has to be push me till she gave up too.

Mommy also prepared a sand box for us and she dump in some construction vehicles as part of the learning opportunity.

Kor kor also benefited from this theme as he enjoyed playing the toys with me and he learnt a few new words too.

What I have learnt in this theme..

New words - aeroplane, ambulance, police car, truck, boat.
Words that I already know - car, train, bicycle, motorbike.
Words need to emphasise - helicopter, ship, bus, tractor, lorry, van.

We will be taking a short break before the next theme get started in 2012. Mommy has been busy with the festive celebration and has yet to prepare the materials for me. So, stay tuned for my next learning theme.

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