Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My learning corner

Since mommy discovered my learning ability, she decided to set up a learning corner for me to enhance my learning journey. She was "WISHING & WISHING" that we can have an extra room to turn into a learning & play room for me..unfortunately our place is limited. She has to make do with whatever empty space we have and turned it into a "tiny" learning corner for me.

She wanted a quiet area, so that I can concentrate and focus while I am learning. So, she decided to make use of the guest room as a learning room for me. She lined up a row of learning activities at the side and will guide me through each activity. I will post more of the learning activities in my next post. Here I am showing you my first setup of the learning corner. In fact, now mommy has added more things in the learning corner and will post it up once she has time to take the picture.

THe pictures below showed the learning activities that she has prepared for me for the first and second week, theme - "Fruits".

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