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December 2011 updates - 21 months old

December is a busy month for us. Mommy was so busy preparing the learning materials for me during the first half of the month and I was busy learning and playing too. I started to like my "learning room" and will walk in there and tell mommy "learn learn"...But I don't stay there for too long unless I can play water inside (montessori activity - pouring water from cups to cups).

Now when I see the world map, I will also point at the map and said "ding dong"..the way tweedle wink introduce us the country on the big wall map.

I like tweedle wink "jie jie" but I don't really like the classroom. I find the subjects that they taught are not interesting. I kept wanting to go out and play with the toys outisde. Mommy has to constantly pull me back to focus on the teacher/tv again. I made mommy more and more stressful each lesson as I am too familiar with the environment there and hence has no respect over the teacher and classroom. So, mommy decided to stop me because she feels that it is too young for me to focus on the subjects presented and some learning materials, she can prepare at home and learn it at home too. So, this month is the last month of me attending Tweedle Wink. I think I will miss the jie jie there...:(

Daddy brought us to a big swimming pool (Pusat Akuatic Shah Alam) on the first Sunday of December. It is my first time stepping into a public pool. I love it...I love water since young. Mommy bought me a simple swimming suit last minute at the sports shop there. Daddy earlier wanted to bring us to Shah Alam Wet World but it was too crowded, so we ended up in Pusat Akuatic Shah Alam. I wanted to step into the pool the minute I saw the swimming pool. I was not afraid at all. Later mommy put me into a float and I enjoyed kicking in the pool on my own. Kor kor was having lots of fun too. Daddy didn't get into the pool. It was mommy all the while accompanying me inside the pool.

When it was time to leave, I refuse to leave the swimming pool. I was screaming and crying and still wanted to be inside. It was not easy to get me out of the pool. Mommy then bathed me outside the shower area and the water was cold... Finally I managed to calm down when daddy offered me bun. I was super tired after the water playing session and slept on the way back.

We also went to Melaka on the 2nd weekend of December. Daddy brought us to the beach but this time I refused to step foot onto the sandy beach. Mommy was carrying me down the car and she suddenly just place me down the sandy beach without giving me any warning or preparation and I suddenly got a shock of the soft feelings on my feet. From then, I refused to be put down. Poor daddy has to carry me all the time. I was having a good time in Melaka performing my tricks to my grandparents and grandaunties. I started eating adult rice when I was in Melaka. Since mommy did not prepare a special meal for me, so I eat what grandma cooked or what the adults eat..and I LOVE it..I love adult was just so tasty..I ate fried rice, I ate rice with fish and vege, I also ate chicken rice. Yummy...yummy... from then on, mommy decided to let me have rice as my main meal since I totally rejected porridge after this trip. So, it marks a new milestone for me in this month that I started eating rice and adult food.

I also like to wear adult kor kor the last time..I was walking around in adult shoes in Melaka and I was also trying to do that back home.

Mommy has been wanted to give us a sand pit but our garden is not big. In mid December, mommy get to know that Mothercare is selling the sand for 30% discount and immediately she ordered 2 packets and another 4 packets for yi yi SY. She filled it up in my sensory box and yeah..I can play with sand now..I love playing with sand more than the small pebbles earlier on. Even kor kor and mommy also like to play with it..

Then came this day daddy took a day off and brought us out to The Gardens. Mommy said it was their marriage registration anniversary. Mommy looked happy that day and she brought us to a place and I suddenly saw a big "Octopus" and I wanted to go in..mommy and daddy were standing at the counter for some time and I just couldn't wait..I lung myself there and wanted to go in..When they tried to bring me away, I started crying out loud. I just want to go in and play..I was crying and insisting to go choice, daddy saw me like that, he just bought the ticket for kor kor and myself to go in and have fun. Wow...I just love the much fun..there have something like a pool and I can walk and jump on top of the water..then I saw some balls on the floor and I pick it up and went to a ball pool. I spent some time there and I was totally enjoying myself in the ball pool. I then explored the place a bit more and I refused to leave when daddy sounded it was time to go. I was holding the ball in my hands and refuse to give back when we exit the place.

Daddy said I am such a playful girl, know to demand for "fun" thing. Last time kor kor was not like that and he was not demanding at all but I am totally different. Daddy said I might ended up a "high maintenance" girl next time..whatever I want, I will sure get it...

Then came the Christmas. Well, I don't really know what Christmas is and I don't really bother what "present" is too... I just know that mommy's friend came to our house on the eve of the day and I saw 2 kor kors playing with my kor kor. The next day, I saw there are many colourful boxes lying below the christmas tree..I love the ball ball hanging on the christmas tree..mommy tried to ask me to open the present but I was not interested in those colourful boxes. Kor kor ended up opened it all for me. Once it was opened, I will fight to play with it. I like the puppy dog from can walk and bark. I just like animals...Another present that I like is the pushing aeroplane given by Aunty SL. I like to push it around and it has "ding ding ding" sound.

Next few days, mommy took out some paint for me to play..I enjoyed playing with it. However, there was this finger paint that we needed to put our finger in there and paint with our finger. I don't want to get messy and dirty. I just instructed mommy to do it and I refused to put my own fingers in...

This month I also saw my yi yi a few times..yi yi SS and her family. I also met my maternal grandparents once and my paternal grandparents a few times. I am not so afraid of strangers nowadays and willing to play with them. Just that I don't simply allow anyone to carry me.

Mommy finally decided to cut my fringe few days before the year end. She has been wanted to cut it but daddy doesn't allowed. Though I look prettier with my long fringe, it has blocked my eye sight and looked a bit messy if I don't pin it up or tie it up. So, mommy took out the courage and gave me a nice hair cut..Look..what do you think? Mommy and myself were kind of like it..

I am more cheekier nowadays and know how to "prolong" my bedtime. I will bully mommy by requesting her to read books after another, then laze around on the big bed and hide my legs when she wants to put the "sleeping bag" on me. I will not accept the pacifier because once I accepted, it means I have to go to sleep now. Mommy said I am getting smarter and smarter...

However in the car, I will request for pacifier and once I have my pacifier, I will quietly sit in the car. Mommy finds the pacifier very useful in car rides but sometimes she forgotten to bring it out for a short car ride, I will kept asking for it and started to throw tantrums if I don't get it.

I still like to fight with kor kor whatever he is playing or having. I know kor kor loves me a lot and he will sure give in to me. But mommy said she needs to start discipline me already wor..:( She said I cannot keep on bullying kor kor like this...

Nowadays I like to go out..when I see anyone going out, I will want to follow too. I will say "kai-kai kai-kai". When I see mommy, I will leech to her and want her to carry me.

I love to climb stairs...not climb..walk up and down the stairs. I also like to sit at the staircase.

I love to eat raisins and cranberries. I love oranges too.

Mommy sent me for my last booster jab this month. The minute I entered the doctor room and saw the doctor, I started crying. The doctor took my measurement and said that my weight is below average, my height is above average and the best is my head circumference, average..But the doctor said I am fine. I developed some fever after the jab and later recovered from it.

I ended 2011 with some mild cough and cold. I have not recovered from it yet.

Overall, I am a happy 21 month old toddler and started to show signs of terrible two. Tantrum is a new word to me and I started to have it too. Here, I wish everyone a happy new year.

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