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2 years and 1 month milestones...

updated by mommy..

This month seems a little bit long for me, probably due to my helper leaving...Anyway, my princess has displayed a lot of changes in this month..or maybe since I am spending 100% of my time with her, I could see all sides of her..or maybe she is really having her terrible two stage now...anyway, let's see her milestone for this month..

Weight: 10.9 kg (trying very hard to put on her weight)
Height: Yet to be updated (but she is quite tall compared to others)

She still could not sleep through. Certain nights she wake up once..sometimes more. I really don't know what causes her to wake up so frequent. I suspect her itchiness or her skin problem wake her up every night. She sleeps around 10.30pm and wakes up around 8.30am. Nap from 2-2.30pm to 4.30pm. However, night time she can sleep with light off now.

Sometimes she will request to sleep on the big bed. She always claimed that she is afraid of something (ants) and wanted to sleep on the big bed. Once I let her nap on the big bed and an hour later, I found her sleeping like this...

She is still a light sleeper. Slight move or noise will just wake her up and not easy for her to fall asleep again.

She is very picky in her food. She does not like mashed potatoes, mushroom soup or any creamy soup, spaghettiesn in tomato paste. Funny..But she likes rice with fish, tofu and chinese clear soup. Some noodles she is ok but like fried noodle she does not like.

Lately she couldn't finish her bowl of meal each time. She always leave a few spoons left and refused to open her mouth. I have already reduced her servings and yet she could not finish. Really headache trying to get her eat more. She likes certain biscuits and now her fav is orea biscuits. Thanks to hub for introducing such "sweet and chocolaty" biscuits to her and she is rejecting my plain and "organic" biscuits.

She is trying to self feed. Yesterday we went out for lunch and she tried to eat on her own throughout her meal. She refused my help and wanted to eat on her own. I have no idea how much she has eaten coz she also dropped a lot on the floor. Anyway, it keeps her quiet and I get to eat my meal in peace.

She is good in puzzles. She can fix 6 pieces puzzles now. She like to play with the montessori materials - especially on practical life skill. She loves water play. It explains why she likes to bathe and wash hands. She will head towards my big pail in the car porch every time she goes out to play. She will disturb what her brother is playing and will follow what he plays. She likes to play with her big doll from grandma but didn't know how to play with it besides feeding her milk and get the doll to sit and try to press the button in her chest to make the doll cry and call "mama". She also can stack the mega blocks to build tall towers. She always say "high up, high up", imitating what I told her to build tall tower.

Sad to say that she still cannot play independently.

Instead of princess, i think I want to start calling her "rascal". She is totally different from her brother. She is NOT gentle, and also VIOLANT. You hear me right..she is very violant. She likes to hit Darren, throw things at him, pinch him, scratch him, pull his hair and climb on him. Darren always has to scream for help. But Darren has been very kind and loving towards her. No matter how she bullied the kor kor, he still loves her to bits and never take revenge. Not only kor kor, she will also do this on me, but not often. Luckily, she has not been violant to a stranger or other children "YET".

I really don't know how to teach her. I have tried explaining, scolding, neglecting, showing and demonstrating what is hands for and how to use it gently and even hitting (rottan and hand) but no use. She is still doing the same thing to kor kor every day. I hope this phase of her will end soon.

She is also very fierce, demanding and persistant. If she wants me, means she will cry until she gets me. Nothing can sooth or distract her. Since kakak left, the only one she wants is ME ME ME...even daddy cannot make her sleep or play with her. She is very sticky to me.

She is very rough. She likes all physical activities. She likes to climb here and there. She likes to run and jump. She gets very excited when seeing kor kor near her and get very ticklish. That's why she will bump her and there since she is still not very steady yet. She will run wherever she can and just hop on to the thing (sofa, bed) infront of her. That's why she has been knocking here and there and also falling down many times in a day.

She broke her record by knocking at her forehead 4 times within 3 days and causes all the blue blacks and bumps on her head. All 4 times happened in her own room and 3 times knock on the wall and 1 on the floor. I tried to pad the wall, but she fell flat on the floor. Sigh.....I don't know how to protect her anymore. All 4 cases also due to her "excitement" and tyring to run away from me when I try to change her.

She looked naughtier with her short hair. It is really not easy taking care of her. If she is alone at home, she is fine. But when the kor kor is home, she is either disturbing him, bullying him or gets too "excited" playing with him till she runs here and there or climb here and there.

Despite all the above, she still loves her kor kor and wanted her kor kor to do things for her. She will ask or actually scream for "HELP" when she needs help from kor kor to fix things for her or put CD for her. She even wants kor kor to feed her milk one morning after I scolded her in the room.

One of the very very rare photos that I have. How I wish they are like that everyday, sitting next to each other quietly and play nicely. Most of the time, she is just bullying her kor kor, if not, running and jumping around.

Although she is so rough and bold, she is actually very timid in nature. She is afraid of insects like ants and flies. This month, she was once "attack" by a fly that flies around her and she gets so frighten. From then on, she is afraid of insects that flies around. Sometimes when I show her something new, she will get frighten too. the lullaby baby projector. She is afraid of the light that shine onto the wall and told me "scared..scared...light light..."

Sometimes you just don't know/understand what she is afraid of. She will just tell you she is scared but don't know what. Whether it is really something there or she just trying to get attention.

However, she will comfort herself by saying "no more" or "off" (light) or "die" (insects) when she is afraid..hahahaha...

She is progressing but not to my expectation. But her memory is very good. She can remember the words after I teach her once. She is also trying to use it whenever she has the chance. But she is still not talking in sentences yet. I am trying to help her strings words together and she is improving.

The latest words that she likes to use are

-die (she is so afraid of insects and comfort herself by saying die - thanks to hub who intriduced her this word..)
-dust (when she sees those flying dust through the sun rays. She was afraid of those initially and thought it was insects, and I told her it is actually dust)
-scared (she will use this words when she wants attention. She is afraid of all insects especially ants and flies. She will really hug me tight when she sees those flying insects)

She will tell you "cry" or "sad" when she is crying.

When asked where is daddy, she will answered you "work".
When asked where is kor kor, she will say "school" or "hide".
When asked where is bel bel, she will say "home".

She likes children songs. She can sing "Twinkle twinkle little star". She also like "10 little Indian boys". I will sing the song and she will tell me who to replace with the Indian boys (like 10 little kor kor boy/daddy/granpa/gong gong/FJ kor kor/ Aunty May/....)

She also learning to sing those children chinese songs, following her kor kor. Not bad she can imitate the last words of the sentence. She also hum when she plays or listening the songs. She still likes her "jie jie" songs..

_ I have started her on music class in musikgarden this month and she is enjoying the company there. She likes to go for the class.
- I have yet register her on Shichida lesson. I am still considering since it is so far away and I can only go during weekend.
- I still couldn't find any playgroups for her. THe 2 playgroups that I used to birng Darren there has closed down or moved to USJ.
- She likes to go kai kai. SHe is very happy when she gets to go out.
- She likes walk walk. To her, walk walk means kai kai and go out.
- She needs her pacifier when sitting in a car. She will keep very quiet when you give her a pacifier.
- She has shown interest in peeing in the adult WC. But this lazy mommy has not started her on diaperless. She still has a lot of disposable diapers storing in her room and I am waiting for the "right" time to train her.
- She loves park. She knows to ask for "mosquitoes repellent" (spray spray) when she wants to go to park.
- She is also very manja.
- She has been having a series of allergy, bites kind of skin problem since February. I really wonder what trigger that..Her legs has so many darken marks spots until I dare not put her on skirts nowadays. REally hope her allergy will stop soon.

Overall, she is a little cheeky, joyful, active, adventurous and curious rascal girl. I hope she will outgrow this stage soon as it is very hard to control her.

p/s: This morning I brought her to Tropicana Mall Gymboree to make enquiry. The minute she saw the slides inside, she was begging to go in and making lots of noise. She insisted to go in while the lady told me that the free play session is only available at 12pm. While I was making the inquiry, she looked for the entrance to go in and when she found the "gate", she was pushing and pushing. THe gate was latched but somehow, she just suddenly pushed and the door was open and she just dashed in and running towards the slides. She was so so so excited..even the counter lady told me, "She is very active huh?". SHe is just too kind to say she is "active". I think she is very rough instead...mommy feel so embarassed and immediately went in and pull her out.

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