Saturday, March 12, 2011

Last year this day...

updated by mommy because I was still too young to know what happened...

Doctor suggested that I admit to hospital the night before the planned C-section, so that I can have a good night rest before the operation. I doubt that I can sleep well in the hospital but doctor promised that he will give me a safe sleeping pill to help me to sleep well.

My in laws were down to help to take care of Darren on Friday. After dinner, I packed my hospital bags, double confirmed I did not miss out anything. Called a few people, off hubby and I went to Sunway hospital at 9.30pm.

Once arrived the hospital, we went straight to the Emergency Room for registration. Then, the nurse guided us to the ward. I chose double-beded though hubby strongly suggested single room. Then, the nurse did some test on my, then put on the strap for me to test my contraction.

Somehow, I was having quite regular and intense contraction on that night. I presume it was braxton hicks because I was actually about 10 days early compared to my actual due date. After some time, a midwife came in and she told me that my contractions was quite intense and she needs to do dialation check through the vagina. I was shock because I thought I can escape from doing this check since I plan for a c-section. I was a bit reluctant but have no choice because if I have already started to dialate, I might need to have an emergency c-section done on the night itself. I kept telling the baby to wait until the next morning and pray hard that I won't need an emergency C-section on that night. Luckily I have not dialated yet. However, I need to monitor my own contractions in case it is still continue to be so intense for hours, I need to inform the nurse.

The nurse then gave me the sleeping pill around 12.30am. Hubby then left the hospital and I kept telling the baby to sleep and I'll see her the next morning. I was tossing around until 3.30am. A nurse came in and did a baby heartbeat check for me. I asked the nurse when the pill supposed to take effect and she told me it should be around 30mins. I was like "Huh?" because I was still wide awake at 3.30am. I don't think I slept that night, maybe just dozing off for a few minutes here and then.

I sent a few smses, talked to the mother at the next bed, hubby then arrived hospital at 8am. Only then I felt extremely sleepy. But the nurses started to prepare me for the operation.

Around 9.30am, I was wheeled to the waiting area at the OT room. The anaesthetist asked me what kind of anaesthetic to use and recommended me spinal anaesthetic instead of epidural. I followed her advise. Then I went into the OT room around 9.45am. Hubby was waiting outside and can only come in after the anaesthetic takes effect.

I was so scared and they did the injection through my spinal cord. According to the anaesthetist, it should take effect around 5-10 mins. After about 5 mins, suddenly I felt a sharp cut on my right lower abdomen. I immediately shouted out that I could still feel something. My gynea told me he was just testing and they waited a while. Later, he tried again and I could still feel the sharp pain. I shouted out again and this time, the anaesthethist titled the bed to the right. After a while, my gynea tried again and I could still feel the same thing.

Something not right...then suddenly my hubby came in. The anaesthethist was not happy and asked who brought my hubby in since the anaesthetic was not taking effect in me yet. My gynea told her it was ok since it should not be a problem. Hubby noticed that they have tilted me very much to my right. Somehow I could still feel the pain. I was getting very nervous. I then tried to move my toes..funny thing was - I couldn't move my left toes but I could move my right I knew something was not right. I told my gynea..he then asked me to lift up my right leg but I couldn't.

Then suddenly I felt a sharp pain nearing my left abdomen and I told my gynea. He answered me, "The operation has started." I was like "HUH? WHAT?" No choice I have to tahan the pain and hope the operation get over fast. It seems like he has cur from the left to my right. When it reaches my right, there was when I felt the pain. It was not easy as I can feel the doctor is cutting me up, even using scissors. I can even hear the cutting sound. It seems like ages for me even though it was just the mere 10 mins. I kept asking him how long it takes and he told me it takes longer coz this is my 2nd c-section. I was holding tight to my hubby's hand and he could feel my tension and asked me is it very painful and I nodded my head. He then informed my gynea and the gynea informed the aneathethist. Can't remember what she did, then finally the gynea told me the baby is out and I could hear the baby's crying. The nurse brought the baby to us and the funny thing is, I did not shed any tears this time coz I was IN PAIN. I just want this whole thing to be OVER NOW.

Hubby then followed the nurse out with the baby. The anaesthethist told me that since the baby is out now, she can inject more aneathesio for me and hence, I dozed off into my zz land not long after.

The worse is over and I woke up in my ward. I felt so sleepy. Hubby then came in and told me it was already 12pm. I asked him to go for lunch first since I needed some rest. He said he would go home and settled the contractor (we installed an air-cond and water heater at home at that time) first. I was ok and I tried to sleep.

However, the patient next bed was discharging the same day. They were walking in and out and making so noise. I just couldn't rest. Around 3pm, the nurse brought the baby in and it was the first time I came so close to her and I breastfed her. It was an easier attempt compared to Darren and the nurse left the baby with me. It was not so tension and baby was behaving and sucking quite ok.

Ann came and visit me in the afternoon too. Hubby then came around 5pm together with Darren and my in laws. We then requested to change to a single room because I really could not rest with people walking in and out the room and the ward was very near the counter and it was noisy. They then transferred me to a single room around 7pm.

For the next 2 days, hubby accompanied me sleeping in the hospital and I discharged on Monday.

Remark: I never thought my baby could be so beautiful and she looked so pinkish and girly when I first saw her. She is much smaller size than Darren, weighing 2.95kg. She just looked so adorable and pretty.

I love you baby Isabel. Though it was not an easy delivery but it is all worth it.

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