Monday, March 21, 2011

My routine

I've sort of established a routine during my 12th month. This is also the month mommy started to sleep trained me. Mommy has been trying hard to establish a routine for me for MONTHS but still failed because of my bad sleeping habits. Finally..finally her wish has come true.. my routine is roughly like this though it still changed sometimes..

9.15am - Wake up
9.30am - 150ml Milk
10.00am - Playing downstairs
11.30am/12.00pm - Morning Nap
1.00pm - Wake up
1.30pm - Lunch (porridge)
1.45pm - Play time
3.50pm - Bath time
4.00pm - 150ml Milk
4.15pm - Evening Nap
6.00pm - Wake up
7.00pm - Dinner (porridge)
9.00pm/9.30pm - Bedtime routine
9.30pm/10.00pm - Sleeping time
1.00am - 7.00am - night waking at odd hours for upteen times...

My night waking is back. Usually starting from 1am and it can be as worse as every hour till the next morning. I am disturbing mommy's sleep most of the night. If it is not for milk, mommy will ignore me and let me cry. I'll cry until I am tired and I'll sleep, then wake up and cry again....Mommy wonder when all these will end....Well..I don't know..

Anyway, this few days my routine has changed a bit.. I woke up around 7 - 8am and after mommt fed me milk, she left me in the bed again and I slept till 10am +. Then my morning nap delayed to 12 -1pm and woke up around 3pm. Mommy then let me skipped my evening nap and I am already cranky around 8pm. She will prepare me and I go to bed around 8.30pm - 9pm.

Mommy wish my routine can be more predictable. My problem is still my night waking. As long I can sleep through, my routine will be better. Mommy is praying hard...

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