Thursday, March 10, 2011


I have not ben poo poo for 2 days. I used to poo poo everyday and my stool was soft. Today is my 3rd day and early morning after I woke up and was playing downstairs, I suddenly feel like poo poo. I pushed and pushed..again pushed and pushed..still cannot come out. I tried lying down on the floor tummy down, still my poo poo cannot come out. I tried pushing very hard this time, then suddenly...I feel so pain at my anus and I started crying. I was crying loud and mommy thought I was having stomach ache and my poo poo cannot come out. So, she carried me up and kept saying "ng ng" trying to help me to push. Later she can feel from my pampers that there was a stone like thing at the bottom and thought I have pooed. Once she opened up and what she saw was a BIG stool stuck at my anus and couldn't come out. She got panic and I was crying in pain. Without thinking twice, she used her fingers to help me to dig out the "gold". But it was still hard and it could't come out. I was crying and struggling. Mommy got even more panic and part of the stool went back in but still stuck at my anus.

Panic..panic...mommy immediately passed me to kaiak and she called our regular pead to see what we can do. Unfortunately the nurse said the doctor is seeing a patient and asked to cal back in 10 mins time. Luckily during that time, kaiak carried me with my legs open wide and big and she bent my body. I cried and cried and finally I last cried, I managed to push the big hard stool out. It was a relief...for everyone.

Mommy felt so pitiful for me and sayang me while kaiak cleaned me up. Later, kaiak fed me milk while mommy was washing up and I have another round of the same episode again. This time, I poo a lot..hard and soft one too..all came out one time...finally i feel much more better now. Relief..relief....

Mommy said maybe my solids intake has increased this 2 - 3 days and i have not been drinking water. That causes the constipation. Thank God it is over now. Mommy is trying to feed me more water from now.

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prince n princess mum said...

Drink more water everyday ya..