Saturday, March 19, 2011

My 12th month milestones

Ok...mommy has been very slack in updating my milestones...just let me do it myself here..I may miss things here and there but beter than not doing one right? 12 months milestone wor...very important leh...

Weight: not sure
Height: not sure..

1. Trained to sleep on my own now in my own room since around 3-4 weeks back. No more rocking or dancing. No point crying for help since mommy will not bother about me. So, I just lie in the playpen till I fall asleep on my own.
2. But I still wake up quite frequently in the night and started crying..mommy will only come to me if it is feeding time. Or else, mommy will leave me cry till I am tired and fall asleep again..cruel mommy....
3. Nap twice a day ranging from 1 to 1.5 hrs per nap. Morning nap around 11.30am, evening nap around 4.30pm. Night time sleep at 9.30pm. Morning wake up around 8am++. Sort of established a sleeping routine now.

1. Started solids about 2 weeks back. Fall in love with solids and adult's food now.
2. Have porridge twice a day. Mommy is using millet to cook the porridge for me. All the ingredients are bought from organic shop.
3, I've tried carrot, pumpkin, potato, sweet potato, spinach, bayam and pork.
4. I love fruits. I only tried banana and apple.
5. I love biscuits too.
6. Mommy started using pork cook with the porridge and use kampung chicken to make the stock and cook the porridge. Every meal contains of 1 orange colour vege and 1 greem leafy vege.
7. Still taking 5ozs of milk maybe 3 times a day and 1-2 time in the middle of night. Mommy wanted to start me on enfagrow soon..she said cheaper wor..
8. Sitting on the portable chair for my meal.

9. When I see anyone eating, I also want a share. Especially if I see a banana in the kitchen, I'll lung forward and will ask for one. I can never have enough of fruits. When I've finished and the adults take away the skin/bowl, I'll cry very loud.
10. I don't really like ceral.
11. btw, I have 8 teeth now. 4 at the top and 4 at the bottom. More coming I think coz I have been drooling lately.

1. I love water..I love to lie down at the bath tub and enjoy the water.
2. I like to play with my face towel while in the water. Mommy needs to prepare 3 face towels in the bathtub. 2 for me and 1 for her to bathe me. I'll even bring the face towel out and I like to swing the towel on my body. Lately, I like to bite the wet towel too.
3. I dislike changing clothes. I'll cry especially if they put me on long sleeves. I'll try to pull it out.
4. Nappy changing has become more difficult. I hate changing nappy and always want to crawl away.
5. Wearing disposable diaper at night. Day time on lampin and cloth diaper during nap.

1. Can stand up by holding on to something...

2. Can walk sideway by holding on to something...
3. Very talkative and like to baby talk.. (talk a lot when looking at her photos on the wall. Kakak always pretty..Bel bel so cute hor? )
- First baby talk - issit, isaac..buuk...
4. Started to point at things with the wrist bending down.. (kakak always laugh at me saying like monkey hanging on the tree.)
5. Know how to play shape sorter. Can put the shape in the hole with some guidance. Know how to put things in the container.
6. Hand eye co-ordination quite good. Can aim the spoon to the opening of the bottle.

1. Adores and love the kor kor very much. I like to hug kor kor when see him. I never do this to mommy also. I'll get excited (laugh and kick the legs) too when I see kor kor suddenly appear in front of me.

2. Love to play peek a poo.
3. Love to crawl and hide at corners.
4. Love to be chased. I can crawl very fast to run away..
5. Love to play what kor kor is playing. I always want the "exact" things that kor kor is playing/holding. I don't want similar one. If kor kor holding a particular book, I just want the same book; If kor kor is playing with the yellow car, I want the exact yellow car.

6. Love dolls, soft toys. Will always hug hug and use my face to sayang those soft toys.
7. Love to put things in my mouth.
Accident 1: On my birthday, I was playing with the polystyrene cup and I bite one part of it. I scared mommy off and luckily mommy quick enough to take it out from my mouth.
Accident 2: One day after my birthday, I pull out a sticker from kor kor's car and bite a corner out. I swallowed it and get stucked near the throat. Finally I vomited it out.
8. Love to play with things that got wheels.
9. Love to crawl while hands holding on to something.

10. Love books. Like to flip through books. I like the "Ants on the apple" phonics book. I also like books that has baby pictures.
11. I like gadgets too like handphones and remote control.
12. I know how to imitate listening to handphones. SOmetimes I'll just put my palm next to my ear to pretent I am talking on the phone.

1. Strangers. I have strong sepration anxiety. I only want mommy and kakak.

1. Strong and stubborn.
2. Persistant.
3. Know how to manipulate adults.
4. Loving too.
5. Active.
6. Drama queen...can act very well...showed her crying face without tears.

Oh..did I miss out anything? Guess that's all....

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